"The healthiest juice in the world!" - Dr. Templeman

Mangosteen... Queen of Fruits!

"What is the mangosteen and
what is all the excitement about?"

There are some very important things that you, your family and friends, should know about this fascinating fruit. If you are serious about your health, read on....
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In Asia, the mangosteen is known as "The Queen of Fruits". In scientific language it is known as Garcinia Mangostana but more commonly known just as mangosteen.  



The mangosteen's claim to fame, and what boosts it far above other health products, is its natural occurrence of over 40 very powerful phytonutrients called Xanthones.  More will be said about these antioxidants later.

About the size of a tangerine, the mangosteen has a smooth, dark purple rind, encasing a delicious snow-white fruit. A health product that actually tastes good is a milestone to say the least, but it's what science has to say about the mangosteen that's turning so many heads. Those who haven't yet heard about the mangosteen soon will. Consider yourself lucky to still be at the forefront.





If it's this good,
why haven't I heard about it before?


Chances are you probably haven't heard much about the mangosteen before. It is interesting that something this phenomenal, with so many health benefits, has remained virtually unknown.

Even though it is largely unknown in many parts of the world, the mangosteen has been utilized both as a food and as a medicine in Southeast Asia for many centuries. It has been transplanted into Central and South America, India, Southern China and the Caribbean where it is also used as food and medicine.

Healers from these areas have developed an enormous folk medicine repertoire treating many conditions.



Globally, university scientists became curious about these claims. Validation occured when the mangosteen was observed to help people with health challenges.

Scientists wanted to know why the mangosteen was so effective! Subsequently, more than 50 scientific studies have been published and more studies are ongoing.

Let's look at a newly discovered class of anti-oxidants called XanthonesMore here...

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XanGo™ is the only product to use the whole mangosteen fruit, and contains more xanthones than any other product on earth. Studies are showing that xanthones have positive effects on nearly all of the body's systems. From increased energy to protection from free radical damage, xanthones deliver a wide range of benefits.


There are over 200 xanthones in nature. Each xanthone can have specific effects on the body. What's remarkable about the mangosteen is that there are over 40 xanthones identified in the pericarp, or rind, making it the single most xanthone-rich source in the world.

Only six of the xanthones have been studied in depth. While we don't know fully why the mangosteen works on such a wide variety of physical conditions, we know it has to do with being the world's most potent source of xanthones. Each xanthone has it's own effect, and when combined, they take on a synergistic quality that supports the health of the entire body.


Before XanGo™ even existed, there were stacks of scientific research written about the mangosteen and xanthones. These studies provide remarkable information and evidence that are worth examining in detail. Check them out.

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