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A collection of items, many magic-related, and some not. If you see something you like, just click the BUY NOW button, and soon the item will be in your hot little hands. Great deals, save money, keep the economy healthy.

SHOPPING...its the universal activity enjoyed by most.

(Note: limited quanitites of these items are avaliable. If you order something and we have run out, your credit card will not be charged, and we will notify you immediately.)


- The finest craftsmanship, made by Les Smith at Owen's Magic for Steve Dacri. Used once on a TV special, in flawlessly new condition, with original wood box case, original instructions, replacement parts, a true work of art and dependable prop.

Original Price is over $300, when available.
A one of a kind, at a rare price: $200. Purchase Now
(Note: a $35 surcharge will apply for shipping, this is a big box, folks...

Sponge Ball DVD
Thumb Tip DVD

by Gary Kosnitzky

An amazing vanish of a cigarette, so stunning it looks like trick photography. My buddy Chris Angel performed this on his TV show, and it's pretty wild. A cigarette is SLOWLY and VISIBLY pushed up your nose. Your hands are then shown ABSOLUTELY EMPTY.

"The most perfect trick of its kind I've ever seen." - MAC KING

Includes special hand-crafted gimmcik and detailed instructions illustrated by Tony Dunn.

Regular Price: $40. Sale Price: $30.00 (only 4 left) BUY NOW

CHOP CUP - Johnson Products

Top of the line prop,a precision made, gold finish, heavy cup. Matches the cups and balls set made by Johnson Products, although it is best used alone. Comes with standard "chop balls" set (2) and will last a lifetime. From Steve's private collection of back-ups, never used.

Regular Price $85. Sales Price: only $50. (only 2 left) BUY NOW


A limited edition exact replica of the famous Las Vegas Welcome sign, perfect in every detail Stands 12 inches high, lights twinkle and blink, and the outer lights twirl. Has an on off switch, perfect for your desk or shelf. Plugs into an ordinary wall outlet.

Available in US only (sorry)

Regular Price $40. Sale Price: $25. (only 8 left) BUY NOW


Complete description

Length: 175 Minutes
Suggested Retail Price: $24.95 US

SPECIAL OFFER: SAVE $10. (US orders only) Limited time only.

Sale Price: $14.95 - PURCHASE NOW

Thumb Tips DVD

The thumb tip is one of the most utilized and valuable gimmicks in magic but it also wins the title of perhaps its most badly used. However, the thumb tip, despite repeated exposures, can still create miracles when used properly and judiciously. On this DVD, you’ll see ways to use a thumb tip that you’ve never dreamed of.

Michael Ammar - 41-cent Miracle
Richard Osterlind - Sweet and Low
Roger Klause - The Miser's Cornucopia
Alexander de Cova - Purse Swindle (Courtesy of Murphy's Magic Inc.)
Ted Lesley - Coin Through Sleeves
Al Schneider - Vanishing Dime
Jeff Sheridan - Cigarette in the Coat
Alexander der Cova - Blank Cheque Transpo (Courtesy of Murphy's Magic Inc)
Fernando Keops - Mini 20th Century
Jeff Sheridan - Vanishing and Reappearing Water
Paul Diamond -Tthumb Tip Lecture
Steve Dacri - Mini Blendo
Paul Wilson - Tipless
Dan Harlan - World's Saddest Trick

Regular Price: $19.95

Special Sale Price: $14.95 - Purchase Now (US)

International Purchase (outside of US)

Price: $24.95 Purchase Now


You’ll find a sponge ball routine in almost every close-up performer’s repertoire and in this volume, you’ll discover a virtual encyclopedia of sponge ball magic. Routines from thirteen of the best sponge ball workers of all time have been collected in one place for the first time, making this DVD the most comprehensive reference work on performing magic with sponge balls ever produced.


You’ll learn many unique vanishes, moves and stratagems to build your own routine or to plug into the routine you already do.

Sponge Ball Routine
New Sponge & Sleeve
Roger Klause
(courtesy of Meir Yedid Magic)
Sponge Ball Climax
Sponge Ball Routine
Frank Garcia
(courtesy of Murphy's Magic Inc.)
Frank Balzerak
(courtesy of Murphy's Magic Inc)
JT Sponge Ball Routine
Jon Tremaine
Throw in the Sponge
Aldo Colombini
Sponge Balls
Eugene Burger
Commercial Sponge Ball Routine
Mark Leverdige
Benson's Bowl Routine
Johnny Thompson
Martian Sponge Ball Routine
Steve Dacri

Sponge Balls
Albert Goshman
(Courtesy of Magic by Gosh)
Sponge Ball Routine with Watch Steal
Michael Finney

Regular Price: $19.95

Special Sale Price: $14.95 (US)
Purchase Now

International Purchase (outside of US)

Price: $24.95 Purchase Now

More items next month...check back...

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