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Our Esteemed Panel of Magic Advisors is made up of a very special, well-respected group of magic notables. We consider them the "Royalty" of the magic world, and I'm sure... Read the story...

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a Las Vegas HIT!
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Las Vegas' ONLY close-up magic
show continues,in the Kabuki Lounge,
at the Imperial Palace on the
Las Vegas Strip


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Past Events: SAM National Convention in Las Vegas: 45 photos....
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Dan Garrett - Wired Wizard
Tony Brook Celeb Interview:
"In Conversation with... Steve Dacrit
Read our review of New DVD - Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic - Part 2 now in stores.
Ruairi O'Connor - Dublin Magic
The Amazing Ballantine still considering it...

From across the pond...Robert Temple
Read his column.
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Steve Dacri

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Once again, it is with great pleasure that we announce that Steve Dacri has agreed to continue as our magic web host and creative director for the FIFTH year in a row.
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Monthly Features

By Bev Bergeron

"Creating Magic"

by Tony Brook

a collection of in-depth interviews, this one's with our very own Steve Dacri...

Magic Cartoon
by Alan Wassilak

Dan Garrett's "The Wired Wizard"
The Great Magic Giveaway
Magic web sites . . . a real proliferation of them.
Everybody wants you to go to their site
How do they get you there? More an

more, they entice internet surfers by . . .

Magic Expert Brad Burt will post a reply.

Women in Magic
A new, important department by Jan

The History of Magic
An ongoing essay by Tony Brook

Vanishing Cats
a documentary program in production

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